Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hold. Wait until my breath slows and my heartbeats catch up to yours. We are one, yet we are separate as the sky deepens to mauve around the edges and the stars converse with each other in the night. We stand together in a holy embrace, yet there is something more spiritual than religious about it. The rose in my hair is made of stars and your hat is laced with the golden rays of the sun. Who are we? Are we still children, forced into the adult world and still white-eyed as we try to hold on to our innocence that slowly trickles away? I love you and I know you love me. You are my anchor to the beauty of the world. I kiss your cheek and my kiss is laced with moonlight as my hands bleed gold into your silver-laced fingers. You embrace me as light envelops us both. The sun is tinging the horizon as night bids us farewell and the moon smiles in parting.
I turn to you in earnest as you take the star-laced flower from my hair and gently touch my lips with your own. We stand in the brightening light glued together by our kiss. You twirl me around and we sway side to side as I embrace you tighter and smile. You run your finger across my left cheek as the world holds its breath. I smile as we amble hand in hand, chasing the sun.
Hold. The birds sing and the clouds dance as mist swirls around us and I move further away from you.
Hold. Yet while I am gone remember me as a child of the night.
Hold. Be patient as the stars take me to the rising moon.
Hold. Do not weep as I give you one last kiss.

I am spinning in the air as stars lace my heels and tears roll down your cheeks. I raise my hand in farewell as you climb the stairs made of stars and dip me. We share one final kiss as time does us part.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Project: Sherlock Rankings!

Well, here it is. To think, I started this venture just about eight months ago and here I am officially wrapping it up. I have put together a video that ranks the pastiches from #15 to #1, with #15 being the worst and #1 the best. I already said this in the video description, but I want to say it again here, just to be safe. I do not own any images or music used in the video. All rights go to their respectful owners. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: I Will Find the Answer

I Will Find the Answer I Will Find the Answer by Kate Workman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It feels weird not putting this book under Project: Sherlock. This may take some getting used to.
So, to start off, I have to be honest. It's not as good as Populaire was, and I honestly didn't expect it to be. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, however. No, not at all. I just couldn't connect to the message the way I could the previous novel. It is a very important message and I feel that it was presented in the best way it could be, but I couldn't jump up and scream "YES!!!" the way I did with the previous work.
The voices need work still. Even in this novel, coming from Erik's, Watson's, and Holmes' perspectives, the sometimes switching of the voices without warning took a little adjusting to. At least it didn't feel jarring, though, so I'll give it that.
Despite this, I still feel that this was a fantastically gripping story. You know, the kind that you stay up until two in the morning to finish. I really enjoyed seeing Erik again, and this time seeing him as just Erik and not the Phantom. I love how he showed the somewhat volatile but lovable man beneath the mask, something we only got hints of before. I absolutely adored how he never left Holmes' side as the detective battled the evil within himself. I wish I could say the same for Watson, but I don't believe it would have fitted his character.
And it's got me wanting to reach for the next one (which, to my knowledge, isn't out yet), to find out what happens to Holmes as he recovers and what will happen with Moriarty, as we got hints of something coming with him.
I can't wait to read Workman's next one!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau

Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau by Guy Adams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sigh. Not a good book to end Project Sherlock on. You just can't win them all.
I half-expected this book to disappoint me. Over the course of this endeavor, I've come across books that really just flew off the edge of common sense and face planted in the world of the ridiculous. I've come across some select books that were absolute gems, but the key word here is "select".
The worst part is that it starts off fantastically as bodies wash up in random places and Holmes is called to investigate. How Watson was roped into a false sense of security only to be stabbed in the back and taken away by the villain was a nice touch. Kane was kind of funny, once I saw who he really was. It was nice to see Professor Challenger in there, as a nod to another ACD work.
But Holmes said something to the effect that Moreau's army was just the remains of his experimentation being exploited by a mastermind and he was right. When half-human half-animal hybrids came into the mix, I knew we were headed for the ridiculous and I dreaded it. Why do you think it took me so long to finish it?
The climax did not feel very tense, I didn't feel worried about any main characters being hurt (as we only knew very little about them, they weren't needed all that much), and I really wanted to see some more closure in dealing with Moreau's successor. So they laid a stupidly simple trap and all Holmes had to do was lock him in a room. Woohoo, that's so exciting...... not. The way Kane was handled was just stupid. Yeah, I expected him to be a Pit bull, not a puppy! Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but that is about the worst thing an author can do: resolve something that is supposed to be terrifying by ending it with a joke. This author should be forced to watch the Sherlock episode The Hounds of Baskerville before he's allowed to handle dogs again.
It's such a shame. This had potential. But it just did not seem like a Holmesian case and was not very grounded in reality at all, something that I have come to expect from good Holmes pastiches.
Oh, and just a little advice for anyone writing a Holmes pastiche.

After all, you don't want to get carried away.

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