Review: Who Censored Roger Rabbit?

Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wolf weaves an extraordinarily interesting detective story here. I loved the constant twists and turns of the novel, how they built up to the unbelievable truth. It kept me guessing until the very end. My copy had a lot of errors, but they weren't enough to fully distract from the story, thank God. Well worth a read. It's not like other detective stories. It's colorful and fun as well as hard case work that detectives go through. Each character shines so you know fully who they are. But I guarantee that you will not be able to guess who the real culprit is. I tried, and was disproved every time, so you'll have to see for yourself what Wolf does here. But in the end, all of the turns of the plot culminate in an adventure well worth starting.

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