Review: A Gift Of Wings

A Gift Of Wings A Gift Of Wings by Richard Bach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am no pilot. I don't know about fuel gauges, aviation, airports, or turbulence. I'm not a mechanic. Nuts and bolts are just objects to me; meaningless objects. Yet somehow this book grabbed me and refused to let me go until I'd finished.
A collection of very nice short stories indeed. Some I liked more than others. Some were just so philosophical I automatically understood and loved them ("Letters from a God-fearing Man"). It's not Bach's best; it's one of his most interesting, though. It packed something that even those who do not know the joy of flying could understand. It makes me want to ride a biplane into a golden sunset, and that's saying something.
All in all, an enjoyable read that will make those on the ground feel as if they are in the air and a part of it.

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