Review: Nothing by Chance

Nothing by Chance Nothing by Chance by Richard Bach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unlike Richard Bach, I may never know the true freedom of flight. I used to think that flying was mainly commercial, that there was no way it was a hobby for anyone. Yet if you have the good fortune to fly a small, simple Wright, I consider you lucky. I'd never have the courage to do that.
Bach does his best to impress upon his readers the spirituality of flight, the freedom of the open air, and why the earth is not free in the same sense.
When I was younger and much more naive I thought that, as long as I was free, so was everyone else in the world. I now understand that I am not free, not really. Society has pinned me down and forced me, a nonconformist, to fulfill society's expectations. Yet, like Bach, I want to fly, even if I can't actually fly.
This book teaches us that real freedom can be found in what you love, whether it's flight, writing, or skydiving. I believe that this book can teach you to embrace your inner calling and just go with it, even if society tells you otherwise.
Another great one by Bach.

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