Sea of Words

I am floating in a sea of words. You are there, centered among the stars. The moon is alive and breathes light into the stars. Why us? For you are twirling in the wind as the moon sings lullabies. Why us? For there is a trail of stars as l climb the twilights of night, the auroras, as it rains rose petals made of stars. You hold me and I feel alone in the arms of another, for I am one with you. Why us? For we are children learning the waltz of the wind as the world dances along with us. As I sip the ever sweet drink of twilight you are beside me. For as we sleep in each other's arms the song of night bleeds into the song of day. The bird sings. The night lifts, yet the stars remain. We are one in this dance, this everlasting song.
And I kiss you one last time, and my kiss is made of stars. The world sighs as the birds depart with the receding night and bid us farewell.