Review: Hypnotizing Maria

Hypnotizing Maria Hypnotizing Maria by Richard Bach
My rating: 4 of 5 

Richard Bach has hypnotized me.
It is in no way easy to comprehend the concept of hypnosis when you see hypnotist shows or are even subject to it. Hypnosis can reach into areas of the mind that cannot be reached when awake and not in a suggestible state. Hypnosis is, after all, nothing more than the mind accepting suggestions. The idea that we experience hypnosis every day and hypnotize others without knowing is fascinating to me. Jamie's journey of spirituality to learn to trust his "higher self" is a form of hypnosis that I adored seeing. And, as with any other Bach book, the spirituality of flight helps Jamie to achieve his ultimate goal of reaching his higher self and fully comprehending the concept of hypnosis.
And, on a minor note, I personally believe that when I write those poetic stories on this blog, I am under a small degree of hypnosis, as I feel that my mind is suggesting things to me and I accept them by painting them with words. Even after I finish, I don't know what drove me to write them.
Maybe, to a small extent, we are all hypnotized.

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