Important Update on Project: Watership Down!

I'm late in saying this, but the recording process for Project: Watership Down is complete! Honestly, before I sat down in front of the microphone for the final recording session, a sob seized my throat. I felt so proud, so overjoyed, to have finished the first and most critical step of this project. Now I'm finished playing pretend with these brave rabbits and it has been an eye-opener for me. I just felt so happy when recording, for the briefest time I was able to experience this story the way it had originally been told... and if I wasn't in love with the story before, I am head over heels in love now! Reading it aloud, somehow, added another layer of magic to this epic tale and brought me from my small suburban home to England's beautiful countryside! And I am absolutely thrilled that I got it done before I start college.... I was really worried about that. Time to move on from the mic and into the editing phase of the project....

More updates to come!