Your Stars

Sometimes I wish I could sip the stars. My breathing labored, I hold you in my arms. You gaze upon the stars in my eyes as the world tilts on its axis and we want to fly, for we are children of this starry night. I breathe in the scent of your overly long coat as you take in the night's perfume and the song of the crickets. We are one, yet somewhere a clock tolls midnight as we take each other hand in hand and fly about the world. Why am I one with you and yet still one with the stars? Why, when I weep, are my tears gold and yours silver? Why are we, as children, being thrust into the unforgiving forest of the night and being left to our own devices? Why does it hurt to grow up? Will I ever regain the child's eye again?
Who am I, while you hold a flower made of stars and gaze upon my eyes filled with tears? Who are you?
We are one, yet we are many, and as we dance about the wind, you hold me ever so gently in your arms. I kiss you, and my lips hold you still in my arms. We are one, yet we are no one compared to the enormity of the world around us. We are still children, and the world is prepared to show us the realities of adult life. I don't feel ready, but you hold on to the innocence I fear losing as the world thrusts me into its arms. I get ready to kiss you goodbye, but you stop me.... you melt into the sky and all that is left of you is a trail of stars.
As I miss holding you, your stars float into my coat pocket and caress my shoulder. And I kiss them as you remind me that I will never be alone.